Why does DKA initially get worse when you start treating it?

When you begin to treat DKA, it paradoxically appears to get worse on urinalysis before getting better. WHY? Serum ketones…

6 years ago

How does Hypoalbuminemia effect Anion Gap?

Albumin makes up a majority of the anion gap (unmeasured anion protein). Hence in states of low albumin, an anion…

6 years ago

Why do you order Albumin with Calcium?

Total Calcium needs to be interpreted in the context of serum albumin levels  WHY? Calcium is protein bound (primarily to…

6 years ago

Why does a Carcinoid tumour cause Pellagra?

Pellagra, a deficiency of vitamin B3 (niacin), can be secondary to a recurrent carcinoid tumor. Carcinoid tumors produce serotonin, which…

6 years ago

Why do Steroids or Glucocorticoids increase WBC count?

Leukocytosis is secondary to demargination. Corticosteroids, anti inflammatory glucocorticoids (i.e dexamethasone) and catecholamines (i.e epinephrine) cause leukocytes to demarginate from the…

6 years ago

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